Takahiro suffers from multiple personality disorder .Takahiro is a geneitic compilment of the DNA (clone)of toto sakigami , makina, and ganta. He was created by Rei Takashima


Takahiro looks exactly like Toto Sakigami , except takahiro has blue eyes and dark green hair.

Takahiro Sakagami
Forgerie leadrer
Vital statistics
Title Forgerie leader
Gender Male
aka ahhhhh!!!
Affilliation {{{Affilliation}}}
branch of sin love labrinth
occupation forgerie leader
age mid-teens
realatives technically Toto Sakigami


Takahiro has multiple personality disorder so he has two personality personality 2 is his normal usual personality and personality1 is is random appear out of nowhere personality however Tamaki makes Takahiro take pills that supress his normal personality since his normal personality is against killing people.

PERSONALITY 1. Takahiro cruel and enjoys making others suffer. Regular human or deadman he likes cutting people up and liking their blood. He never kills someone right away he likes toying with them first. Takahiro is deeply in love with Lucy Blitz

PERSONALITY 2. He is a kind ,timid , and happy personality and he is in deeply and passionitly in love with Margret Holland.


Telepathy- He can read minds

Electricity Manipulation- He can control and absorb electricity

Enhanced Strength- He is extremley strong as a result of experimentation on his body

Enhanced Speed- He is super fast.

Enhanced speed and reflexes- really fast reflexes

Enhanced combat-He can fight really well even without His branch of sin

Enhanced Regeneration-He heals from injures very quickly

Branch Of Sin

Blood manipulation- being a deadman man he can control his blood out of his body.

Cyrogenic Blood- any thing his blood touches he can freeze it.

Love labrinth- He can copy other branch of sins by licking/drinking other deadmen's blood

Blood tentacles- he can make tentacles out of blood and fight with them.

Snake / Acidic Blood- His blood carries a disease known as snake it enters your body through contact with his blood it causes your body to first it destroys it's own immune system making your body defenseless then it destroys every cell in your body wich destroys you.


Tamaki had Takahiro created to be the leader of the forgeries. He met Lucy blitz one day and fell in love with her.:see- Dead World Book 2.

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