She is a I.I.A. Catian of the Intelligence Devision she doesn't like to talk about what her father did to her.

She hates her younger sister Alyssa Yayoi , who did something she forced gher self to forget.

Physical ApearenceEdit

She has a fairly big bust for her age and is extemly curvy. After being struck blind for the black matter whip thanks to Six she had to learn to do things without sight. She like all of the younger characters are seen in her school uniform.


She seems kind and caring for Joshua Blitz and has a crush on him and a slight crush on his sister Lucy Blitz.

Branch Of SINEdit

Blood Manipulation-Being a Deadman she can control her blood at will.

  • Blood Archery-She makes bows and arrows out of her own blood to fight.


X-Ray Vision-Because of being blind she can see through clothing and people.

Enhanced Dexterity-She dances and moves with grace.

Enhanced Flexibility-She can bend into near immpossible positions to get out of any binding trap.

Blindsight-She can still navigate through the dark and when it's windy or raining with ease even though she's blind.

Mental Compass-She knows where she is going just like a bird using the EM Field around the Earth to do so.


Joshua Blitz-She has a crush on him.

Lucy Blitz-Lucy playfully kisses Noel when even she gets the chance.

Intergalactic.Intelligence.Agency-She works for them.

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