Magaret Holland is an assasin with unbelievable skill.

She is fluent in english, russian, japanese, and french.
Margret Holland2


She is friends with russian mafia bosses.
Margret holland

margret in russian spec ops


Magaret has blond hair. She has DD-cup breasts.

She somtimes wears semi reavealing clothing. .


Magaret is really nice and caring. How ever if you anger he she is cruel and ruthless.

When necessary she is a cold-bloded killer.


Marksmanship Enhanced Combat

Mixed Martial Arts


She used to work for RUSSIAN SPEC ops and the russian mafia.

She was born in New York, New York. Her mother moved her to russia to stay with a man named Adam Abramov.

He was a mafia boss untill his son Anastas took over the "business". As such she is friends with him the mafia has possesion of heay military hardware/equipment. In russia she goes by the name Nadya Abramov.


Russian Mafia-She is friends with mafia bosses

I.I.A-She works for them

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