She travels with her twin brother, Aza, Jason and Lucy.


When she was a boy she was lazy now that she's a girl she is physically fit to no end.

Physical Appearence

Technically being a male he still acts like one but in a girls body. She insest that she is a boy but with a DD-cup it's hard to believe her.

Branch of SIN

Blood Manipulation-Being a deadman she acn control her blood freely. SHe makes bombs out of her blood.

  • Poisonous Blood-Her blood is very poisonous so poisonous that it can kill you if exposed to long to it.


Accelerated Metabolism-She eats a lot and her body breaks down all that fat and calories quickly.

Pheromone Manipulation-With the new branch of SIN she can create and manipulate pheromones. The pheromones come from her mouth and touch by hand.

Enhanced Fanmanship-She uses a steel fan as a weapons and throws razor shard wind mixed with blood at you.

Flash Bang Generation-WHen she shows you her breast you become blind.

Peak Human Intelligence-She is extremly intelligent for a normal human.

Peak Human Reflexes-She is a good fighter being able to dodge a speeding bullet.

Peak Human Flexibility-She can bend into impossible positions.


Joshua Blitz-She is Joshua's twin sister.

Lucy Blitz-She is Lucy's half-sister.

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