Lucy Blitz is Joshua Blitz's sadistic and masochistic older sister. Her branch of sin is called "frozen touch". She is very playful and loves embarassing her little brother although thier only half-siblings. She's 21 but body is 15 because of semi-immortality.


Lucy hides her Sadistic and masochitic personality from her brother's friends but she shows it when alone with him. Lucy loves Takahiro Sakigami ,because they both have masochistic and sadistic personalities.

Physical Appearence

She is a well-endowed female with a sizable bust and long raven blach hair and semi-reveling clothing.

She has a DD-cup.

Branch Of SIN

Blood Manipulation-Being a Deadman she can control her blood on the inside and outside her body she even control others blood which is a extremly rare.

Haemokinetic Combat-She fights with her blood infused in her normal combat.


Critical Impact-She can hit you in your weak point with ease causing extreme pain to her enemy.

Pain Empowerment-If it's her or not she bacomes powerful from dishing out pain and from taking pain.

Counter-She can reverse attacks with samurai skill and perfection.

Interface Creation-She carries around a watch that turns into a portable computer.


Staff-She fights with a Worm Destroyer staff that she uses like a master.


Joshua Blitz-

Sector 13-

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