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Kobayashi Chikamasa is a 17 year old Deadman. He has a weak Branch of Sin. He is very agile and nimble.


Chikamasa was born with very odd hair. He has golden brown hair with light grey streaks. His hair is about ear length. He has partial heterochromia iridium, with blue and grey eyes. He wears a simple black, tattered shirt and ripped red jeans with simple boots. He always has a tense, uneasy look on his face, leaving some people unsettled. He sometimes wears a simple, charm necklace around his neck.


Chikamasa is a very naive boy. He is very unaware of the world around him. Chikamasa is a very optimistic boy and has a love for bread. His appearance can be deceiving. When his parents were crushed under rubble, Chikamasa has become almost quiet, sullen but still optimistic. He is often found accompanied by his best friend and almost lover, Sasaki Amaterasu, talking to her. He is willing to do anything for Amaterasu-chan.



  • Chikamasa's appearance was very difficult to find on a website.
  • He is based off of Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Alfonse from Full Metal Alchemist.


"Amaterasu-chan, shouldn't we help her?"

"Do you think we should go to the prison, Amaterasu?"

"I hope we get help from other countries!"

"What do you think, Amaterasu, about the new rumors about the prison?"

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