Joshua 'Josh' Blitz A.K.A. Various Vulture was a normal teen until one of his friends got into gang violence and he went to help Happy Robin but he was jumped by the members of the gang and was on the verge of death before Crazy Condor came and turned him into a deadman by infecting him make him semi-immortal as a side effect from a new strain of SIN. He became a vigilante with Crazy Condor and Happy Robin but shortly after taking down a dangerous Reaper he was cought by The Lab where he was tested on and other stuff but then he was saved by Grand Hawk but it was too late he'd already programmed to become a Undertaker. He was easily taken down by his friends and his life went back to normal. So now he is on the hunt for Oboro Misaki.


He is really brave and charismatic and can take a direct hit from one of Six's Blood Blast. He is mature for his age and the exact opposite of his sister and Jason Steel but he always finds himself in awkward situtaion with girls.

Branch Of SinEdit

Blood Manipulation-Being a Deadman, Joshua can control his blood freely.

  • Blood Crystallization-Joshua is called the Various Vulture because of his ability to form his blood into various shapes and he can make his blood into crystals to fight.


Peak Human Stamina-Joshua can keep on fighting after fight after fight until he is unstoppable like a train, and he is near unbeatable.

Peak Human Intelligence-Joshua is a genius teen in honors and his sister is a scientest. I wounder where he gets his genius from?

Bravery-Joshua is extraordinarly brave.

Lie Detection-Joshua can tell that someone is lying just by their body language.

Enhanced Charisma-Joshua can get anyone to join him and/or believe him.

Indomitable Will-Joshua's will is unbreakable to the point he'll even fight after being beat to death literally.


Hunting Knife-He is a master at close range combat with his personalized SIN and with a knife. The God Slayer[He named his knife this] is a new type of 'Worm Eater' that uses blood to enhance it's own power.


Intergalactic.Intelligence.Agency-He was under the I.I.A.'s control four months before he was infected with the SIN.

The Lab-

Sector 13-

Aza Jinkaku-

Grand Hawk-

Haruko Sakuraba-

Jason Steel-

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