John Doe
Vital statistics
Title The Hooded Pitohui
Gender Male
aka Deadman Slayer

John Doe

Affilliation Himself
branch of sin Pitohui Arrow
occupation Assassin
age 22
realatives None
John Doe (Real name unknown), known also as "Hooded Pitohui" in Carnival Corpse, is assassin and Deadman, formerly imprisoned to Deadman Wonderland. He specializes killing other deadman with his ability, "Pitohui Arrow", He was originally sent prison from murder of 10 people (All Deadmans), but was released when Deadman Wonderland was closed. He continues still hunt Deadmans.

Apearance Edit

John wears black full-body outfit and leather jacket. He has light skin, black hair, green eyes.

Personality Edit

John is usually silent and kind person, but when fighting deadman he becomes ruthless killer, who won't stop until his prey is dead. He does seem dislike fighting woman, however, even he is willing do it.

Abilites & Weapons Edit

Branch of Sin: As a Deadman, John Doe can control his blood freely if his out of his body.

Memory: John Doe is able to remember almost anyone who he has seen once.

Martial Arts:

Assassination Expert:

Pitohui Arrow (Pitofūiarō, ピトフーイアロー): John Doe's ability allows him to form darts of blood and then launch them at his targets. To normal human, feathers are fairly harmless, but they are poison to other deadman; when mixed to blood of deadman, they cause Branch of Sin go berserk, eventually destroying target inside out. Dangerous ammoung of his blood to Deadman is 1 ml.

Blutt (German for "Blood") : Worm Eater John stole from one of prison guards after murdering this, embodied to Combat Knife. He considers it to be really useful when dealing with Deadman.

History Edit

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