He was a deadman even before Aza infected him with the new SIN. He was in a gang and his friend Joshua Blitz tried to save him but died trying but then was brought back by Aza.


This comedian is one goof he is never serious at all but don't be fooled this kid is a genius.

Physical AppearenceEdit

His pale Edward Colon looks make him very popular with the ladies.

Branch Of SINEdit

Blood Manipulation-Being a Deadman he can manipulate his blood at will outside of his body. But most likely in the shape of a shoes or talons.


Mechanical Intuition-He can use all types of mechanical weaponary a automotion objects.

Knowledge Replication-He can copy anything he sees or hears.

Haemokinetic Combat-He fights with blood infused fist that burn throught armour.


Base Ball Bat-


Aza Jinkaku-

Joshua Blitz-

Lucy Blitz-

Blood Bath-

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