It was morning and our heroes prepaired for school while others well they did something...

[Noel]: Why'd you kiss me!?

[Lucy]: It was just one kiss I didn't think that it would hurt.

[Noel]: I'm not a lesbian so stay away from me!!

[Lucy]: Niether am I, I just love to drink blood especially virgins , am I wrong to do so.

[Noel]: Lucy please do not ever kiss me ever again.

[Lucy]: I'll make no such promises.

[Noel]: Mai your sister trying to kiss again!!!

[Mai]: Can you to give it a rest already?

[Josh]: Yeah I couldn't sleep all night and I have test today thanks a lot.

[Noel]: What ever I lost my sight for you so stop complaining get my clothing down!

[Josh]: Shouldn't you get a girl do that?

[Noel]: I would but your the one I trust the most plus your not a perv like your sister--Lucy and Mai doesn't want to so I'm left with you.

[Josh]: Okay fine I'll do it

[Neol]: Great come this way!

[Josh]: Yeah I get to help you dress how exsiting.

[Noel]: Stop using saracasm or you'll get hurt.

[Josh]: What does that mean?

[Noel]: Nothing.

The morning passed by quickly and it was lunch time already our heroes sat together.

[Josh]: So why haven't I seen either of you until today we all have the same class next period.

[Aza]: Because I seclude myself from others.

[Noel]: Oh I've just never talked to you before.

[Mai]: Oh that makes sense Joshua could never get a girl to talk to him unless it's Lucy or myself.

[Jason]: So true..he's a not so social butterfly when it comes to women.

[Josh]: Shut up!! I just don't have raging horomones like the two of you.

[Jason]: Honestly I don't want to know any of those twisted dreams you have.

[Josh]: I'll kill you prick!

[Jason]: Hey this is battery you know?

[Aza]: You two need to stop playing around.

[Vice Principal On P.A.]: All students we are going into a full lock down please follow proper insturctions and you'll--no you can't be in here!! Students please remain hidden and follow the orders of teachers. Aaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

[Josh]: We have to help!

[Jason]: Yeah but who is it?

[Lady Sparrow On P.A.]: It's just your friendly neighborhood Terroist Lady Sparrow Jason Steel...your sister.

[Aza]: What that abomanation is your sister and she has Psichic powers!? So she also has the new branch of SIN.

[Mai]: You mean the mental enhancements?

[Noel]: Seems like it and I guess we have no choice to be the ones to end her.

[Jason]: What made her do this?

[Josh]: If I had to guess that snake Six!

[Aza]: Even so that's even more of a reason to stop her.

[Josh]: You don't have to go if you don't wnat to.

[Jason]: No I want to help free her from that creeps mind control.

[Josh]: Yeah lets do that but how do we get past all of the teachers?

[Mai]: Let's get to the front office immediatley

  • Mai opens door to front office*

[Jason]: *shocked* you killed my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Takahiro]: *Licks his blood covered lips* and her blood was delicous too

[Jason]: YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!! ^Jason takes josh's knife and runs at Takahiro with it^

^Takahiro jumps over jason and sticks his hand through jason and pulls it back out^

  • Jason passes out*

[Takahiro]: *licks his blood covered fingers* ugh , wwhat a pathetic branch if sin.

[Mai]: don't do anything or else don't move!!!!!!!!

(Takahiro laughs)

[Takahiro]: You know i'm stronger than you right

Takahiro stabs noel with crow claw

Takahiro bonks Mai on the head Josh stood in terror*

Takajiro cut josh till he bleeded enough to pass out

Then Takahiro licked his crow claw. [Lucy]: Is there a reason you haven't attacked me

[Takahiro]: UR diffrent from UR friends, your masochistic and sadistic like me

[Lucy]: don't u think your invading other peoples privacy [Takahiro]: actually it's annoying but I don't actually have control over it you see. I have multiple personality disorder and my other personality controls the mind reading thing.

[Takahiro]: I have a crush on you

[Lucy]: uhm

<Takahiro Kisses Lucy>

{Beep! Beep!}(Takahiro's phone rings)

[Takahiro]: It's margret , she'll be pissed, and wonder who she is she not my girlfriend or anthing she's like my assitant

  1. As Takahiro leaves#[Takahiro]: my name is Sakigami Takahiro , bye love you

Our hero's recieve medical treatment and live to fight another day THE END til dead world book 3

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