Aza Jinkaku is a Deadman with the ability to bring people back from the dead.


She has a bossy mother like personality and doesn't seem like the type to go back on her promises.

Physical AppearenceEdit

She looks similar to Mai Blitz but she isn't Mai but she is always mistaken for Mai.

Branch Of SINEdit

Blood Manipulation-Being a Deadman she has the power to control her own blood.

  • Resurrection-She can revive human via infecting them or using here own blood.
  • Blood Transformation-She can turn any liquid into blood and she can even cause a infinite supply of blood inside those she infects.


Afterimage Creation-Via her blood. Din't get to close they explode.

Adaptive Resurrection-She can revive herself each time she dies making her hard to kill.

Perspicuity-Six can't read her mind.

Combat Specialist-She is a master at hand-to-hand combat.

Sexual Inducement-With her touch she can make anyone fall for her.


Kazekiri-She uses a sword like reapers do but why does she have if she's not one.


Joshua Blitz-She has a crush on him[for his bravery of course?]

Jason Steel-She doesn't like Jason that's all there is to it.

Six-She is Six's last experiment.

Lucy Blitz-Lucy had a crush on her for some reason.

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